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Helping you win more business 
Proposals, estimates, bids and tenders come in all shapes and sizes, with different levels of complexity. The support I offer is tailored to suit your specific needs and, as I work with a network of business experts, proposal and bid consultants across the UK, the level and focus of support you require can be flexed as well. To give you an idea of the areas we can work on together, I've set out a few suggestions for you to consider. 
Improving and streamlining the way you currently work 
Let’s look at the way you currently respond to your clients and work together on a plan to improve your results. 
Do you act or react when asked to prepare a proposal for your customers? 
How do you decide which opportunities to respond to? 
We provide consultancy support and guidance to help you improve the way you develop the proposals, estimates and bids you currently send out. By reviewing previous documents and presentations you’ve given to your customers, looking at the feedback you’ve received, we can help you put together plans, materials and ways of working that will make a difference to the way you respond to your customers. 

Writing better proposals 

As has been said on many occasions "writing it all down" can be quite a challenge, it's a task that's regularly put off until the last minute and writers always have the challenge of not knowing where to start. To help you put together and write better proposals we offer hands-on support for you and your team to put together propositions, documents and presentations for your client that helps them buy from you. Areas we will cover include: 
Developing a management summary that helps your client make a buying decision 
Planning what you want to say 
Defining a solution that meets your customer's stated and their underlying business needs 
Making sure you say what you mean in clear and easy to understand language 
Capturing your readers’ attention by focusing on them 
Answering the questions your customer has asked - and finding the hidden ones 

Reviewing your proposals 

The first person to review your proposal should never be your customer: it’s essential that any documentation you prepare is read before it is sent out. It's much better for you to know if you've matched your customer's selection criteria and answered their questions (or not, as the case may be) before you send it. 
We will review your proposal to provide a strategic overview of the solution/service and proposal content and to identify how the documents match your customer’s requirements and business needs. The feedback report you receive will highlight the positive components of your documents as well as those areas that need improvement, wherever possible presenting a proposed way of making those improvements. 

Presenting to your customer 

While most customers expect written proposals, many also require that you present to them, sometimes in conjunction with the formal proposal request, sometimes as part of the normal sales cycle. Just putting together a quick powerpoint presentation of "things you had around" is never the right approach to take when you are trying to help your customer buy from you; many people would rather die than stand up and talk in front of people. 
As well helping you plan what you want to say and how you want to show it, we will coach and rehearse you and your team to deliver a professional presentation that focus on your client’s needs. 
If you are interested in discussing these or any specific services to support your business, please call me on 07968 296907 
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